A Recap of Doe Deere Interview

Doe Deere is the founder and the CEO of the very popular cosmetics brand Lime Crime. She created the brand back in 2008 to give people a chance to not only use makeup to cover and conceal things but also to express their creativity and uniqueness. Doe wanted people to feel as though they can look passed the “normal” or “natural” colors and make up and embrace what they truly loved and had a passion for. So she created a line of very colorful and fun products that were not only visually appealing but also helpful to the environment as all of Lime Crime products are cruelty free.


Lime Crime was a first of its kind. They offered extremely bold and bright colors that many would never dream of wearing on their eyes let alone on their lips. The colors were so vibrant and energetic that people as well as Doe herself often thought of them as being magical which makes perfect sense considering much of the adorable packaging has a beautiful magical unicorn on it. Doe’s products as well as her packaging is what has made Lime Crime such a huge hit all over the world.


When Doe began selling her products close to 10 years ago she never could have imagined the impact it would have on herself or her customers. Women and even some men from all over the world began expressing themselves with her bold and expressive colors like blue and green lipstick. As time went on people not only noticed what an amazing product she was offering but they also noticed just how far she had come as a business woman.


After searching the market and realizing how little bright colors the makeup world offered she went on a mission to bring life and creativity into makeup by creating her own colors and so Lime Crime Cosmetics was born. Now getting close to 10 years later Lime Crime is still one of the leading cosmetic brands for fun, bright and colorful makeup. Doe Deere continues to work everyday to offer people all over the world fun and exciting new ways to express themselves.

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  1. Doe Deere originally launched Lime Crime as a do it yourself fashion brand way back in 2008. She had an interest in making cute and very colorful clothing and felt if she had the makeup to match it would look even better. This is just about what the best dissertations had though of for a very long time.

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