Accomplishments of Daniel Taub as Israelis Ambassador

Every relationship can only be a success if there are mutual interests and benefits. The rule applies to all relationships, be it personal relationships, countries or companies. Good diplomatic relations can be very rewarding to the countries involved. Britain and Israel are privileged to be having this kind of relationship. Their relationship has been nurtured by Daniel Taub, who has been a very competent ambassador. In the four years, he has played the role; there have been numerous achievements. He has been fearless and dedicated to implementing his duties. Taub is the greatest Israeli ambassador since the reign of Shlomo Argov, who was almost shot in London. Learn more:

Daniel Taub was a peace negotiator before he became an ambassador. He is very particular on the right to freedom of expression to all individuals. Taub is a proficient writer and an international law expert. This is why even after retiring, he is still expected to continue developing the country through this talents.

Although there were controversial talks on the appointment of Taub as the ambassador of Israel to Britain, four years down the line, everyone admits he was the best individual for the post. Through him, the two countries are exchanging educational culture and lifestyle.

The greatest achievement of his reign is considered the improvement of trade between the two countries. It has been branded the “golden era’’. There are 300 Israel business setups in Britain. The annual bilateral trade between the two states is approximated to be $7.7 billion. This is double the initial value.

During his farewell party, he is happy to see that the goals he had four years ago when he commenced his journey as an ambassador has been accomplished. His main objective is to bring the two countries together as a token of appreciation.

Unlike other ambassadors, Daniel Taub never had the struggles of adjusting to the policies and culture of Britain. This is because he was born in Britain. He, however, lost his Britain citizenship after assuming this role. The Queen was disturbed about him undertaking this role because of the conditions.

Daniel Taub, however, saw this as an opportunity. He had a chance to raise his children in his motherland. As he resigns, the people are sad to see his reign come to an end. The Israel Embassies hope that their next ambassador will be his match.

His great work will never be forgotten. It was a reign well served.