Alex Pall Speaks on Shaping a Unique Identity and Remaining Relevant in the Music Industry

The Chainsmokers are an aggressive production and DJ duo that broke into the limelight with a series of hit songs including ‘Roses,’ ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘Closer.’ The duo consisting of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart has managed to craft a unique identity and style in the competitive electronic dance genre. Interview Magazine caught up with Alex and talked about several things including how they were planning to evolve their personality and style as their fan base kept growing.

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Alex told Interview that social media had been instrumental in promoting their music in the international market. He said that he was thrilled that they had fans of different ages, ethnicity, and gender from all over the world. He also added that the duo was excited that their music was grabbing headlines.

Alex Pall started deejaying at a young age, and he met Andrew at a time when he was considering getting into the dance music scene. Their current manager introduced them to each other, and they immediately embarked on creating a unique identity. The duo tied to shape their identity around exciting trends in the industry but over time, it has been an evolutionary journey. Alex told Interview Magazine that they composed songs based on their life experience. Their radio banger ‘Closer’ is about Andrew’s campus experience and they composed it while on a tour bus.

Lastly, Alex revealed that they were planning to incorporate their live performances with their DJ shows. He pointed out that the music business was ever-changing and they had to try out a new concept to remain relevant. For Instance, featuring Andrew on the vocals of ‘Closer’ alongside Halsey was the right step towards evolving a unique identity in the industry. Most DJ’s have confined themselves to beat making but the duo is trying to diversify its style by trying out new ideas like Andrew delivering vocals. Alex disclosed that they had always aspired to work with Halsey and the collaboration was a major accomplishment for them. He added that he was inspired by Halsey’s outgoing personality and excellent vocals.