All About Exec and Entrepreneur John Goullet

The Basics

John Goullet is an information technology professional and entrepreneur. He is best known for founding and heading Info Technologies, which ranked number 8 in promising start ups. His leadership skills are renowned, and he serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs far and wide, young and young at heart. John is well educated, receiving his Master’s Degree from Ursinus College in Computer Science. Shortly after in 1994, he started his own company and read full article.

Though John is gifted with machines, he is also gifted with people. He is often in charge of matching an employee with a company. His sharp prowess allows him to understand human nature, as well as the nature of the machines humans work with. In fact, John, having formerly worked as a consultant, became a full time staffer for corporations and learn more about John.


Starting John Goullet’s career at 1993, John is no stranger to the IT Industry. He is aware of the constantly evolving nature, and he knows how to stay on top. He specializes in creating new ways of doing things. With over 20 years experience, he has a 90s edge with a modern feel. He specializes in understanding corporate climates, and then needs within corporations, while also comprehending the ins and outs of the IT industry.

Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is known for their financial success, and the company has Fortune 500 clients from all over the United States.John served as CEO from 1994 until 2010. The award winning company has achieved vast amounts of credibility and respect in the industry.

Currently, John is still in the field, working as an executive. Info Technologies recently partnered with Diversant to form Diversant LLC,which is the largest African-American run company in the United states. His success at merging companies is no surprise, considering his resourceful nature, and his ability to see ahead into the future. This has yielded great results, as Diversant has not experienced the economic difficulties that other IT companies have. With John Goullet as a leader, the company has many prosperous years to come, and many happy customers in the making.

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