An Exclusive Look at Doe Deere’s Personal Beauty Routine

Doe Deere is not only known for her innovative makeup company called Lime Crime she is also known for her visually captivating appearance. In an exclusive interview Doe discusses her personal beauty routine, which begins with getting a good night’s sleep. She attributes her peaches and cream complexion to getting at least nine hours of sleep every night. She also believes it is very important to hydrate the skin, which is why she begins the day by drinking a large glass of water. Before eating breakfast, which generally consists of healthy choices such as yogurt or fruit, she makes sure to limber up with simple stretching exercises.

Although Doe Deere’s line of Lime Crime cosmetics are designed to allow people to express their creative sides, Ms. Deere knows the underlying factor to a beautiful face starts with good skin. Before applying any makeup she always cleanses her face with a mild face wash, which is followed by an application of moisturizer. After cleansing and hydrating her facial skin she moves on to applying her makeup. The first item Doe Deere uses on her face is foundation. She chooses one that provides her skin with a soft, matte look. She makes sure the foundation is set by applying a light touch of powder.

After Doe has her foundation set she can move on to creating the type of look she wants for the day. Her next steps entail using an eyebrow pencil, blush and lipstick. She uses the eyebrow pencil to fill in her brows to create a more unified look. She chooses blush and lip colors that add life to her features. She does admit being drawn to pink or red hues for both her blush and lip colors. The popular shades for her lips come directly from Lime Crime’s line of Matte Velvetine products. She generally uses the line’s Red Velvet, Rustic or Pink Velvet.

Doe Deere’s personal makeup routine takes anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to complete. Not only does she enjoy creating looks that express her creative side, she also enjoys having some time to herself during her morning routine. Since she prefers taking her showers in the evening, she is also free to spend time styling her hair in the morning. She generally starts her day at 8:30 am, arrives at the office by noon and stays until 6:00 pm unless she gets caught up in a project she wants to finish.

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