Bruno Fagali On The Rising Demand For Compliance In Brazil

Lawyer an law firm owner Bruno Jorge Fagali is working at his company Fagali Advocacy, taking on cases in public law, anti-corruption law, and compliance, to name a few.

The topic of compliance law has en a hot topic in Brazil, Bruno Fagali’s home country and area of work. Compliance is an important part of the operations of a business that makes sure that people are treated equally and fairly, regulations are strictly kept, and there are no fraudulent activities. Evidently, the area of compliance has not been strict enough as news outlets continue to boom with business scandals, lawsuits, and the likes.

Specifically in Brazil, corporations have started developing courses in the field of compliance. From the Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute, it was stated that Brazil is currently facing a political-economic crisis which creates an even higher demand for the compliance field to be more strict an widely thought to employees and employers alike. How well a company is doing in the area of compliance also affects its revenue, so businesses have started providing employees with courses in the field.

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Lawyer Bruno Fagali pointed out that there has been some significant progress on the matter. At the end of 2017, there have been 12 course with as many as 344 participants which is a lot higher than last year when classes had barely 90 participants.

Additionally, Bruno Fagali sad that Insper has been contributing to the progress on the matter. The academic institution operates in law, business, and economic, and has been focusing on teaching compliance over the past couple of years. The courses, however, have also created an initiative in some employers ad in employes as well who seek to improve their knowledge of compliance on their own. In recent years employees with extensive expertise in compliance have had a higher rate of successful hire in Brazil.

According to Bruno Fagali, the areas of business and compliance in Brazil need to start evolving hand in hand. That should reduce the political-economic crisis and satisfy the rising demand for a better field of compliance and for employees who are versed in it.

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer by profession, and holds a bachelor’s degree in law, which he acquired in 2009. He went to Pontifical Catholic University, and finished his masters in the same institution. He specializes in anti-corruption law, administrative law and electoral law. He works as corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB.

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