Cameron Clokie, Toronto’s Innovative Mind

Dr. Cameron Clokie, the CEO of Induce Biologies Inc, a Regenerative medical company focusing on musculoskeletal reconstruction, has found a way to turn adult stem cells into bone tissue using a new found protein.

Recently the protein was used to help a man by the name of Peter Russel, who lost his jaw to a benign tumor in 2003. In just two years, he regrew his jaw with the help of Dr. Cameron Clokie.

Dr. Clokie is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, scientist, and entrepreneur all in one. He spent more than thirty years involved in dentistry, giving him the knowledge and skills he needed to further help those in need of help in this area.

Mr. Russel is now a 60 year old man who enjoys doing things most men and women half his age would dream to do. That’s all thanks to the good doctor.

25 US and international existing or pending patents, including ones related to bone healing, are under Dr. Clokie’s belt, showing he is a true innovator in his field. He was named the head of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in 1998. Recently he was named as professor of of oral and maxillofacial surgery until he retired in 2017. Read more: Cameron Clokie DDS, Ph.D.: Executive Profile & Biography

His career has been well spent, as anything and everything he set his mind to. He has held positions on several boards for many companies, serving as a scientific adviser and expert. He has many years of experience in multiple fields.

He’s an innovative mind that never stops searching for ways to help with problems facing the world around him.

No matter what, one can bet that Dr. Cameron Clokie will not stop until he has solved every problem in his path. He will help many people in this life with his new amazing process of regrowing bones.