Prison Communication

Securus Technologies Reputed Correctional Firm With Over Three Decades of Operating Experience

Prisons are quite a difficult place to manage and run as they contain the inmates who have carried out horrendous crimes and are a threat to the society. [...]

Securus Technologies – Crime Prevention

Presently, the influx in inmate use of cell phones is posing a challenge in trying to trace the origin or destination of the call. Due to their mobility, [...]

Rick Smith Heads Up Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is a businessman and the CEO (chief executive officer) of Securus Technology. He has held the title since July of 2008. He is responsible for moving [...]

Securus Technologies Is All About The Public’s Safety

The company, Securus Technologies is a well-known business that deals the public’s safety. They are in demand from companies and facilities all over the [...]