CTRMA Discusses How it Will Improve Transportation

At the Austin region, most of the discussions taking place focus on the city. The Williamson County Growth Summit that took place just recently was, however, very different. The event presented the perfect opportunity where the leaders could discuss some of the transport challenges facing the communities living in the city.

According to Mobility Authority, the event was graced by prominent leaders in the Williamson County. Some of these include the executive director of Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein, the founder of Ridescout, Joseph Kopser, Texas External Affairs Director, Leandre Johns and several other leaders in the area.

Jared Ficklin, a prominent transport specialized was among the leaders in the meeting that place at the well-known Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel. The meeting was held to discuss the changes brought by the modern technology in Austin and the world as a whole in the transportation department.

At the meeting, Mike Heiligenstein told the leaders that the latest technology had brought positive changes in the world. Technologies such as driverless cars and ridesharing apps were taking the transport industry to another level.

Mike believes that this will be the perfect way to meet the mobility challenges in the Williamson County. The county has registered a high population in the recent past, and the transport industry has been affected.

Mike Heiligenstein believes that his area has been successful in the structuring the infrastructure at the Williamson County, especially in the last ten years. Mike, however, says that more residents are coming to live in the city and the population had significantly increased. Developing better road infrastructure was the only way of ensuring that the residents can move freely.

The well-known Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is an independent firm that was started in 2002. The government firm was established to promote and enhance the transport system at Williamson and Travis County.

The primary aim of the government institution is to implement modal transportation and at the same time introduce innovative solutions that will make sure that there is no congestion due to the growing population.

The Williamson County Mobility Authority is managed by several professionals who have expertise in the industry. The chairman of the institution is usually appointed by the county governor. The commissioners of the county are allowed to appoint at least three members.

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