End Citizens United Seeks to Amend the First Amendment

End Citizens United is an organization created for just that purpose, to end Citizens United. The PAC was formed in response to the Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The case has all the markings of a game changer, much like Roe vs. Wade or Brown vs. Board of Education. Should the ruling stand it could very well change the election process for generations to come. The decision is still hotly contested, especially by members of the Democratic Party.

Citizens United is the group that attempted to show a 90-minute film focused on Hilary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary. The film was ruled a campaign ad by the Federal Election Commission because of the unflattering presentation of the presidential hopeful. As Citizens United would not reveal their backer, which was against federal law in those days, the film was pulled. Citizens United appealed and eventually the case appeared before the Supreme Court.

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The Supreme Court ruling broadens the definition of free speech to include corporations as well as individuals. Passing at a close 5-4 ruling the case was controversial instantly. The idea of corporations having no limit to the financial support given to candidates has many wondering if their votes will even count anymore. Enter End Citizens United.

Founded in 2015 the PAC is dedicated to overturning the Citizens United ruling, which is a trick since the Supreme Court ruling cannot be overturned. Therefore, the leadership of End Citizens United is focused on the loftier goal of amending the first amendment. For this purpose they support candidates who are against the Citizens United ruling and wish to end it. Their goal to place such candidates in key positions throughout the legislature. Only then can legislation pass to redefine the First Amendment as pertaining to only the individual.

Only by doing this does the PAC hope to stem the eventual tide of unregulated corporate support for future candidates. This way elections may remain democratic and the fear of politics becoming a sold commodity will cease.

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