Fabletics, All the Right Ingredients for Fashion and Fitness

Fabletics, the brand sported by Kate Hudson has made a huge splash onto the fashion scene. This athleisure line has it all. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to the gym, the grocery store, or a baseball game, you’ll look and feel great all the time. Getting on board with Fabletics is easy and will save you time and money. The monthly subscription will send you the best athleisure, based on your preferences. A lifestyle quiz measures what type of athleisure would work best for you. The quiz takes many factors into accounts, such as exercise preference, daily activities and fashion tastes. The brand has gained so much momentum that pop artist Demi Lovato has also designed a new line for Fabletics. She decided to join because she loves what the company stands for.


Fabletics also has retail locations for your convenience. The company knew when starting out that it was going to have to compete with Amazon. Using their smarts, Hudson and the owner’s used the “reverse showroom” technique to market the fashion line. This move proved to work for companies like Apple and Parker and Wobbly, so Fabletics gave it a shot. Customers liked the idea of being able to visit a retail store for customer service and to pick up items. Since the company wisely uses demographic data to stock its stores, the bestsellers and new items can be picked up quickly, giving instant gratification to those who want a treat, or need new workout gear right away. The company has gone from just a few employees to over $250 million in just a few short years, demonstrating a great success.


Quality is a factor that Fabletics takes seriously, as is customer service. Hudson saw these two areas as developmental opportunities. Ever since the improvements were implemented, the company has been praised regularly for their commitment to these efforts. Getting to the top is never easy, and Fabletics, just like its customer’s, have managed to not only bring a fresh concept to athleisure, they’ve moved on to other fashion lines also. A kid’s and men’s line are just a few of the other types of athleisure that can be found at https://www.fabletics.com. If you’re ready to switch to the best in athleisure or are looking to get started on a new you, visit https://www.fabletics.com/get-started to take the lifestyle quiz today!