Fortress and Softabank are One Company in 2018

Recently, The Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the Softbank Group Corporation.

This acquisition did not come cheap. It cost Softbank $3.3 billion. Th included all of Fortress’s shares This acquistion was considered finalized when all conditions of the closing of transaction were completed. It was also considered finished when all Fortress shareholders voted in favor of the acquisition and all regulatory approvals were done, and lacrosse camp Fortress Investment Group.

When Fortress was acquired by Softbank, their shares were considered to be Class A and were worth $8.08 per share when converted to cash. D officially being one with Softbank, the shares could no longer be traded and were removed from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This removal is unique as it is the first time that publicly traded equity company that has been removed from the NYSE. From now on, how well Fortress does financially is now connected to how Softbank does in the future financial statements.


Softbank will make announcements about the acquisition when it feels that it needs to.

This merger was base on a Merger Agreement that they mutua agreed to in June of 2017.

Inside of Softbank, Fortress will still operate like an independent entity and will be based in New York. The leaders of the new Fortress will Wes Edens, Peter Briger and Randy Nardone. They are the same leaders that they had before Softbank. Softbank will try to maintain what made them successful in the past.

Wes Edens, the co-chairman of Fortress under Softbank, does feel that their day-yo-day operations have been the same after the merger. The only change for the company is that they don’t have earning calls. Edens believes that they should remain private and is very excited about what is happening with the merger, and contact them.


In the past, Fortress was a one of the leading investment companies in the world and had $36.

billion in assets. It was started in 1996 and was able to manage the assets of at least 1,700 clients and private traders around the world. These assets could have been credit, real estate, permanent capital or private equity, and

Softbank is a Japanese company that is one of the largest technology investors in the world. The leader of this company is Masayoshi Son. It uses relationships with Saudi Arabia, Apple Inc, and other clients to back this company’s $97 billion Vision Fund. Last Year, it used this fund to invest about $10 billion in the famous taxi type service called Uber Technologies, Inc.