Fun Pumpkin Chunkin Contests With The Trabuco

The trabuco is an old weapon that has been around since 400 B.C. This weapon is a fantastic mechanical apparatus that can hurl large objects at great distances with lots of force.

In the past, people used this weapon for warfare. Now, they’re being used for pumpkin chunkin contests. What is a pumpkin chunkin contest? This is an event where people use trabucos to see how far they can shoot a pumpkin over a distance.

The Portuguese called the trebuchet a trabuco and they used this weapon to help conqueror Brazil. Now, the trabuco is used to conquer large fields in the name of bragging rights. Pumpkin chunkin contests are fun and entertaining events. Teams of people get together and use a trebuchet to hurl large sized pumkins through the air.


The trabucos used to hurl the pumpkins cost a lot of money. Some teams have to get sponsors in order to compete. Once a team is ready to compete they will have to set up their trabuco and then modify it to shoot pumpkins at a far range.

Some teams have been able to shoot pumpkins at least 5 miles or more. Some teams have been able to hurl 2-ton pumpkins. Yes, people actually grow pumpkins this big for competitions according to Sometimes, pumpkin chunkin and pumpkin growing competitions combine to form a huge pumpkin throwing event. Pumpkin chunkin usually takes place during the fall and it makes for a good time. People love these events and want more of them. Be prepared for more pumpkin chunkin contests because they are coming in the fall of 2018.