Growing Your Real Estate Business with Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is one of the legendary leaders in real estate investments in the world. His story and success in the property market is evidence that passion, determination, and forming a reliable network are key success ingredients to any business you do. Before rising to become the Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investments and President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC, Todd Lubar had worked at different positions in the real estate industry helping people acquire ownership to their homes. If you are planning on running a successful career like Todd’s, then his story as told by Ideamensch recently will help you collect some valuable points.

According to Hackronym, the first secret to success is being passionate about anything you do. During Todd’s over 20 years of service in the credit and finance industry, he was a man passionate about helping people gain ownership of their properties. Thanks to his passion, he was able to share in the pain and struggles that most people had to endure in the process of home ownership and from this viewpoint, he was able to come with a product that would offer them relief; hence TDL Global Ventures was born.

As an entrepreneur, Todd notes that it is his determination that has helped him bring all his ideas to life. If there is no will then you most definitely will not even find a way. It is through determination that he was able to connect his mortgage banking experience with his TDL venture.

Todd Lubar notes if given a chance to start over again one thing he would change in his past life is his network and surround himself with people that challenge his growth personally and professionally. The network of associates you keep is very important to your life, and they are the ones that influence your success. From the interview, it is worth noting that a culture of trust and openness is important to any business and this is what Todd thrives on.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is the current President at TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. This is a real estate company with a reputation for both residential and commercial real estate properties. Before assuming this position, Todd Lubar was an employee a Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he gained his experience in credit financing and mortgages.

Mr. Todd is a graduate of Syracuse University where he attained a B.A. in Speech Communication in 1995. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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