Heal N Soothe Showcases How To Naturally Defend Against Inflammation

Among the top contenders for pain-fighting compounds are Tumeric, Ginger, and Proteolytic enzymes, all active ingredients that are found in Heal N Soothe. And while all three are commonly used ingredients, mostly overseas, most Americans are unaware of the true benefits of these compounds, and how advantageous it can be to fight pain.

The country’s already heavy health burden is worsening, and pharmaceutical drugs are becoming more expensive, but there’s an economical approach to pain and inflammation. All natural compounds, which have been scientifically proven to be just as effective when consistently taken.

Try An All Natural Defense

Before you say yes to conventional pain killers, consider one of the oldest anti-inflammatory compounds, used for centuries. Turmeric has proven to be a powerful anti-inflammatory with no side effects. Clinical studies have shown that it can block inflammatory pathways, inhibiting the action of a protein that triggers swelling and pain. Some experts compare the effect of turmeric to that of aspirin, counteracting the inflammations typically found in chronic diseases like arthritis.

Ginger is another must-have ingredient found in the Heal N Soothe formula. For centuries, Ginger root has been used to treat pain, and today there are studies to back up its effectiveness. In a controlled study of 247 people with osteoarthritis in the knees, those who took ginger root extract as a remedy required low to no pain medication.

Lastly, there are Proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes enter the digestive system, enter your circulatory system and help you recover from stressful movements, like daily mobility or exercise. It alleviates the painful symptoms of diseases, like arthritis. In a recent study, athletes suffering from pain could reduce recovery time by 50% by taking proteolytic enzyme supplements.

In case of pain and inflammation in the joints, nutrition is very important . Healthy eating is essential to combat oxidative stress that aggravates joint inflammation and weakens cartilage, however, in most cases, we don’t receive adequate compounds from the foods we consume. All the more reason products like Heal N Soothe are beneficial.

Experts agree that an enemy of joint health is sugar, refined cereals, baked goods and an excess of protein. Creating an acidic environment in the body forms uric acid that tends to accumulate, especially in the joints and tissues. These are all foods that contribute negatively to joint health, and supplementing with all natural compounds like Heal N Soothe give you an advantage as you age.

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