How Fabletics Has Brought the Power of the Crowd Back

The issues the fashion industry has are rooted deep in the culture and a major problem for people who are a part of the industry. In fact, many of the problems that happen in the fashion industry can be traced back to the time when it was difficult for people to find the clothes they needed. They didn’t have any direction on what they should do so they made the industry something that was almost unattainable for people to get into and even harder for people to try and make money with while they were building up the business they had.


Fabletics wanted to be the change, though. They knew the fashion industry was flawed so the company decided they were going to do everything they could to make sure the company would be as successful as possible in every way with the business they had. While Fabletics was working on making the fashion industry different, they were also trying their best to show people they could have the perfect clothing for every type of activity they wanted to do. It helped them make the right choices in business so they would be capable of success in the future.


In addition to catering to women in the fashion industry, Fabletics was doing what they could to make their clothing the best it could be. The company was started by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, but it grew into something that was empowering women. They wanted women around the country to know they were looking out for their best interests. In addition, they wanted every woman to know she was an important part of the brand so they would be able to show them the right way to get all the clothing they needed in every situation.


Athleisurewear was not even something people generally recognized until Fabletics stepped in. They not only started the idea of athleisurewear but they also perfected it. The clothing they had was created with women in mind. Women could either choose to use the clothes to lounge in, run around doing errands in or wear while they were working out. In addition, the clothes looked good which made it easier for women to have the best looks possible. They didn’t have to sacrifice fashion for function and they were able to get more from the clothing brand than they had ever gotten from other companies.


Once Fabletics had disrupted the fashion industry, they knew it would be important to continue working for women. For this reason, they started offering things like the style quiz that women could take before they started shopping. The style quiz gave them a chance to see everything the woman was interested in and what she was looking for in clothes. It helped them tailor the outfits perfectly to each woman who used the company. By doing this, they created a powerful crowd response that helped them make all the right choices with the clothing they had to offer all of their customers.