Hussain Sajwani Leadership and Success in DAMAC Properties

Hussain Sajwani is re-known to be the most successful businessman in Dubai. He has partnered with President Donald Trump in various projects. They partnered in opening two golf course and villas in Dubai. He has earned reputation in the whole world for his good leadership and success in properties industry.


Having studied economics at the University of Washington Hussain Sajwani was employed as a contract manager in GASCO. He left his first job and joined Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. It was always his passion to become employed as a profession. During that period, he had a lot in mind and decided to invest in the catering industry. He then built few hotels to cater for the influx of people who visited Dubai. After some years he founded Twilight Investment.


Hussain Sajwani family had a great impact on the life and prosperity of Sajwani. It is from his family he drew the inspiration and entrepreneurial spirit from. His father and mother were into business when Sajwani was growing up. At a very tender age, Sajwani was involved in running his father’s businesses. He learned more about business while he was young. He acquired skills and experience of running the business which opened his mind further.


Currently, Sajwani is serving as the founder, chairman, president and the CEO of DAMAC Group which is based in Dubai. DAMAC Group was founded from DAMAC Properties which Sajwani started in in 1982. The DAMAC owner is among the few people who started property business in the Middle East. His focus, hard work, and skills in sales, administration, finance, and marketing transformed the DAMAC Properties and established other business investments such as ZDICO Invests, Al Jazeira Services, and Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Company. Husain Sajwani has projects in various cities in the world like Doha, Amman, London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Riyadh, Jeddah, and Beirut. He also serves as the board member to various organizations namely Majan University and Takaful Company.


Hussain Sajwani has helped the youth to become entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial programs and fairs. Through his business, Hussain Sajwani has contributed noble charities to various organizations in the world so as to help the less fortunate individuals.


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