Jeff Herman and the Child Victims Act – Helping the Helpless

Jeff Herman is a national lawyer who represents victims of sexual assault and sexual abuse. He’s a famous advocate for victims of this type of abuse. His goal is to expose sexual predators and the institutions that protect them. Herman Law Firm recently released a blog written about the Child Victims Act and the people fighting for its passing in the Senate.

“New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators” recently gained the support of Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers-Barnhard. They’re both prominent media figures and will aid the coalition greatly. This group is fighting to pass the Child Victims Act. This act would remove the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases in all of New York state. Studies show ninety percent of New Yorkers support the bill.

Jeff Herman has represented sexual abuse victims like Feldman for years. He co-founded and is Managing Partner of Herman Law. He’s been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and People. He is most famous for the one hundred million dollar verdict in 2011. This was on behalf of his client who was abused by Reverend Neil Doherty. This was a landmark victory as it was the largest verdict against a single priest. He also represented several men in lawsuits accusing former Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash of sexual abuse.

The Child Victims Act would allow for civil-barred lawsuits up to fifty years old to be heard within one year’s time. The current statute of limitations for sexual abuse and assault lawsuits is five years. If the individual belongs to a school or church they only have three years to bring their allegations to court. This act would eliminate those time limits. The act was written by Democratic Senator Brad Hoylman.

Jeff Herman earned his doctorate in 1985 from Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He was recognized as “Child Advocate of the Year” in 2013 by KidSafe Foundation. He is known as the “Dark Knight” advocate by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum because he fights for the most vulnerable victims. In his spare time, Jeff Herman enjoys steak and wine. He also takes pride in his collection of single malt scotches.

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