Julie Zuckerberg Showing Great Leadership

Julie Zuckerberg is the current Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutche Bank. She studied philosophy at City University of New York- Brooklyn. Afterwards, she joined the New York Law School, her focus being talent acquisition. In her current workstation, she is tasked with creating informed recruitment strategies to the US heads of business, Leading, coaching and the provision of strategic directions to the recruiting teams, talent brokering among many other tasks. She has been in this industry for a long time and thus has accumulated unrivaled and vast experience. She is highly skilled in talent management, corporate recruiting, executive staffing, team leadership, behavioral interviewing technical recruiting, sourcing, human resource conflict resolution, and change management among others.


Prior to joining Deutche bank, she was the corporate vice president at New York Life Insurance Company. Here she was the leader of all hire roles as well as managing the process of recruitment. Julie has also worked for other companies that include Citi Global Consumer Bank where she was the vice president and the executive recruiter. At Citibank, she served for a period of over 6 years and negotiated high profile job offers, talent management on global basis and provision of recruitment advice. She has also worked at Hudson where she began her career as the director of candidate placement. Her clients included renowned law firms, large corporations and financial institutions.


In the year 2015, Julie Zuckerberg’s role at the Deutche bank widened. She was tasked with collaborating with business entrepreneurs in commercial clients, Global technology among others. Her star continued to shine even with the added responsibilities. Julie Zuckerberg still continues to record improved and transparent recruitment processes and the acquisition strategies.


Julie Zuckerberg is highly motivated in her line of duty and id driven by the zeal to outshine others .Her strong academic background compliments her unrivaled work ethics. Julie Zuckerberg is respected for her strong and solid work ethics. She is always excelling in the field recruitment and talent acquisition. She has taken control of her highflying career to fulfill her professional desires. Her diligence and accountability in her work has earned her respect in the industry. She did not become a prolific recruiter overnight; it was a gradual process of getting to talk to people serving in different capacities, getting to know their talents and desires.


Apart from the recruitment and generally the human resource part, she has a deep liking for art food, photography, running and technology. When not working, you will most likely find her engaging in one of the above activities. She is also a supporter of art and culture, animal welfare, economic empowerment, human rights, science and technology and civil rights.


Julie Zuckerberg’s career has been an interesting one, working in high profile organizations and leaving a mark in all of them while holding different capacities. She still continues her superb work at Deutche bank. She is an all-round individual and a role model emulated by many people out there. Julie has been a good asset to every company she has managed.



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