Korea’s Top Asset Management Firm

Nearly two years ago the US-based financial services firm Capital Group named one its long-time staff member Tim Armour to the vital position of Chairman. The role gave Armour oversight over the organization’s management committee and leadership of one of the firm’s subsidiary divisions: the Capital Research and Management Company. Since his appointment Armour has drawn upon his decades of experience in the investment management field to help guide and develop Capital Group’s plan of action in a constantly changing and increasingly globalized marketplace. Tim Armour has leveraged the training in economics that he gained as a student at Middlebury College. Timothy Armour’s years of hands-on experience learning Capital Group inside and out as a dedicated longtime employee to position the company for success.

One of the first global opportunities that Armour had a chance to lend his expertise to was his organization’s partnership with a East Asian investment management company called Samsung Asset Management. With its bustling and dynamic economic growth East Asian economies can present a wide array of business opportunities for Western companies that are interested in expanding their businesses. The South Korean economy is known for producing successful companies like the car company Hyundai Motor Group which happens to be one of the largest car manufacturers on the planet and for companies like Samsung, a conglomerate that is perhaps best known for the cellphones that it produces.

In October of 2015 Tim Armour helped lead the partnership between the South Korea-based investment management company Samsung Asset Management and Capital Group. The partnership formed a mutually beneficial business relationship that would allow Samsung Asset Management to take advantage of Capital Group’s expertise in investment and to develop co-branded “retirement solutions” that would be tailored to the needs of investors in the Korean market. The partnership allowed Samsung Asset Management’s employees to the chance to learn about Capital Group’s approach to investment management by having them travel to the United States to learn directly from Capital Group’s staff. Armour noted that his company was well-positioned to serve the “financial needs” of demographics in the Korean market that would need financial products that would be well-suited to them. The partnership has proven to be a strong choice as Samsung Asset Management is Korea’s biggest asset management company.

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