Marc Sparks: Dallas-Based Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist based in Dallas, Texas. In his book “They Can’t Eat You” he talks about how he became a success who has started, run, and sold many successful companies all without ever having gone to college. In fact, Marc graduated high school with a C+ average, but that didn’t stop him.

In the same book he offers up his experience and knowledge, which is a blueprint for anyone to follow who wants to build his or her own successful business. With over sixty startups under his belt, it’s no wonder that when Marc speaks, people listen. Through his hard-earned success, he empowers people to pursue their passion.

As head of Timber Creek Capital, LP., Marc Sparks specializes in literally turning people’s dreams and ideas into real world services and products that they can generate revenue with. Many entrepreneurs who just start out have no idea where to begin nor do they have the capital to even get started.

This is where Marc comes in. In his Dallas, Texas, offices, he offers people the office space, equipment, legal services, accounting, graphic arts, web development, customer service expertise, banking, marketing, networking, support staff, and of course the capital to take their idea and vision from its beginnings to fruition.

Some of his greatest successes have come on the tail end of some of his lowest moments. He feels that it’s actually through some of his unsuccessful moments that he learned the most and can teach the most.

His attitude of not fearing losing, at all, inspires those who spend time with him, and those who work with him or for him know that there is a calm urgency which drives him to always be on the lookout for possibilities.

Marc once stated, “Being rich to me is having great health, enjoying healthy family, spending time with good friends, building a successful business from scratch, working with hundreds of happy staff members, and having thousands of happy customers.” This attitude along with his leadership qualities are just a part of what has propelled Marc to great success.

As a generous Philanthropist, Marc Sparks donates his time and money to organizations, such as, Mommies In Need, Dogs Matter, The North Texas Gateway Apartments, America Can! Academy, Sparky’s Kids, The Center for Animal Research and Education, Habitat for Humanity, Carpenters for Christ, and last but not least The Samaritan Inn where he helps to house close to 160 would be homeless residents on a nightly basis.

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  1. The ideas of so many entrepreneurs would have never seen the light of day had it not been for Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital, LP. Sparks has experienced both being poor and well off. It simply implies that the best writing services cannot have these things complete it they lack the humor it needs.

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