Michael Lacey; A Genius Mathematician Makin His Name

No matter how important and useful mathematicians are and have been in the history of mankind, they are still somewhat considered as geeks and nerds. The whole human history is filled with great mathematicians and their inventions and what not. They are considered to be highly intelligent who have extraordinary skills and knowledge. Something normal human beings can’t understand.

We are living in a world with great inventions that have made our lives much easy and comfortable. If some mathematicians had not cracked difficult equations back in time, we would not have stepped on the moon, or we wouldn’t even have something very necessary such as electricity.

All of us have to deal with numbers every day in our lives. The whole universe revolves around the laws put forward by Mathematicians. A big number of students is pursuing their studies in Mathematics, Mr. Michael Lacey is also one of them.

Mr. Lacey is very interested in the knowledge that Math has to offer. During his time in the Urbana Campaign at the University of Illinois, he started solving problems that were related to the logarithm.

The problems that were about empirical characteristic functions. Mr. Michael Lacey was able to complete his Ph.D. He worked very hard and was successful at the end. His research work on Banach Spaces can still be found in the University’s library. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Michael Lacey | About.me

Mr Lacey chose this Banach Spaces subject for his Ph.D. dissertation. He was able to defend his dissertation. He picked two schools for his post Ph.D. position. The first one was the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and the second was the Louisiana State University.

During his time at the University of North Carolina, he got involved in the limit theorem subject. The Central Limit Theorem is considered one of the important topics in Math. Mr. Michael Lacey successfully formulated a proof of this theorem.

Nowadays, Mr. Lacey is serving as an excellent Math professor. He currently is at Georgia Institute of Technology. This is where he began his working career in the year 1996. Michael Lacey has been achieving different fellowships even today.

He has continued his research work in the field of Mathematics. He is also a member of the American Mathematical Society. He joined this society back in the year 2012.