Mike Baur Astonishing Expertise

Mike Baur is a well-known businessman who began from far to be where he is right now. Together with his co-partners they began Swiss Startup Factory whereby he acts as the executive chairman of the company. He went to Rochester University and also Berne University where he both attained MBA. Because of the great achievement he attained made him be well-recognized in Switzerland therefore making many people search for him because of the best services that he provides. When he completed studying he began as an intern at the UBS Company because of the proficiency he has in the banking sector then later he joined one of the private banks in Switzerland and he was a board of member in the company. Through his devotion in supervising he was able to achieve more therefore making the company to be one of the best globally.


Mike Baur main objective was to teach and develop entrepreneurs who are starting and also the younger entrepreneur on the strategies and inventive ways on making your business prosper rapidly. A lot of companies and people came to him on ways on how to deal with problems that they face he was always was obliged to help through tackling them and also showed them on how to deal with the problems effectively if they may reoccur again. Mike Baur also ensures that the assist entrepreneurs who do not have enough capital to start by giving them small capital to start so that they can attain what they want in life. Furthermore he as well tells entrepreneurs to always have a plan when starting a business because it is the main key to success. He was able to develop Swiss Startup company through partnering with other companies including CTI and Fintech Fusion hence with them partnering they were able to provide good services to the community.


Swiss Startup also has 3 months courses that assist entrepreneurs in getting knowledge and those who finish their course they ensure that they give them small capital to start their business. Mike Baur always ensure that clients need come first than anything else hence creating a good relationship with the clients, always makes the client come back every time for their services.


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