Mike Baur: Turning Early Stage Startups into Successful Companies

Mike Baur is a shrewd investor and entrepreneur who reside in Switzerland. He works with Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) as the managing partner. Baur co-founded the startup back in 2014 after working in the banking industry for more than 20 years. He previously held influential executive positions at leading firms such as Clariden Leu and UBS. Baur was one of the jury members at the START Summiteer organized by the University of St Gallen. Following the collaboration between Swiss Startup Factory and CTI, Baur became the CTI Invest’s deputy managing director. Baur holds an Executive MBA and advanced business degree from the renowned University of Berne and the New York-based University of Rochester respectively.


Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory began its operations in 2014 driven by the goals to develop global firms that set new standards in the industry, launch new products, and embrace unique business models. SSUF’s primary business is a three-month accelerator program that offers new startups with financing services, mentoring, and access to a reliable network of investors and entrepreneurs.


360° Service Platform


Swiss Startup Factory strives to actualize all bold claims that it makes. It provides a 360° Service Platform to startups. The firm offers specialized services that help in putting ideas into action. The accelerator program enables startups to identify a profitable market for its products. Additionally, the program has a personalized service package, which promotes the growth of startups.


The Pre-accelerator Program


SSUF is passionate about the exceptional talent that exists in Switzerland. As a strategy for supporting these talented individuals, the company collaborates with institutions of higher learning in Switzerland. Under this program, the firm offers a broad range of services such as marketing/accounting/information and technology support, product development, coaching, professionally taught educational conferences, and market research team.


Accelerator Program


Under this plan, SSUF helps investors to transform their ideas into successful startups within a span of three months. Services offered range from one-on-one mentor sessions, a leading network of investors and entrepreneurs, and a collaborative work environment.


Growth Accelerator


Apart from helping startups to grow, SSUF also assists matured startups to realize their goals. Under Mike Baur’s thoughtful leadership, the company conducts market research and identifies barriers to growth, and eventually develops a service package that suits special needs of startups.


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