OSI Is A World-Renowned Meat Supplier

OSI Group is a longtime food supply business that is no longer family-owned but still has a family-style way of being run. CEO Sheldon Lavin values the company’s employees and customers just as much as he does the products and sales profits. OSI’s executives including Lavin and President David McDonald don’t prefer to run the company in the typical style of a firm but rather like a company that is involved in every level of manufacturing all the way down to the assembly lines. Employees have often expressed their gratitude to the company by staying on for many years and have often been thankful for how well they’ve been treated.

OSI group has put a lot of hard work into making their products tasty and safe to eat over the years, and it all began with a man named Otto Kolschowsky who lived in Chicago at the turn of the 20th century. He opened a butcher shop in a blue collar neighborhood of Chicago and he and his sons grew it into a full-scale processing plant. It lasted through the Great Depression and in 1957 became one of the first companies to partner with McDonalds as it grew into a major fast food chain. In the 1980s the company changed its name from Otto & Sons to OSI Group due to its international growth.

Today OSI Group is acquiring distribution centers and factories that might have otherwise gone out of business including Tyson Food Plant’s south Chicago center. Thanks to OSI’s acquisition of this plant hundreds of workers have been able to keep their jobs and new ones potentially added. OSI also bought out Flagship Europe in the UK and has supplied capital for them to reach new customers. OSI Group is also the main sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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