Positive Future Vision Out Of AZ From Jason Hope

Jason Hope, like many great thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs of the past, is a futurist. His personal brand of belief in the revolutionary power of technology however, goes far beyond the traditional notion of “building a better mousetrap.”

The thrust of modern technology is almost self-perpetuating, and it is why Jason Hope is an extraordinarily strong believer in its benefits. Jason Hope’s notion of futurism delves into the nature of humanity itself. Some independent business sources predict that as many as 50 billion individual consumer devices will join the IOT, or Internet of Things in the next five to eight years. This will radically shift the way people think about using tools, shopping, pursuing education, starting small businesses, and interacting with neighbors. It will, according to Hope, be the most influential phenomenon changing the way business is done.

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Though his work within the business world has helped many designers and companies launch their products and services, Jason Hope is mostly concerned with society’s further adaptation into successful automation and communication.

There is no doubt that a large percentage of the population has either no idea regarding the potential expansiveness of the IOT, or are having a difficult time personally accepting the change. Jason Hope believes that these changes will happen naturally with, or without society’s solidarity. This is precisely why he is working with tech companies and designers to invent ways to ease people into understanding the innovations that are about to hit the market and every household. The IOT shift will happen quickly, and “Mr. Hope” is excelling at preparing future consumers.

Learn more about Jason Hope: https://angel.co/jason-hope

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