Rick Shinto of InnovaCare Health Fosters Innovative Healthcare

The healthcare system is experiencing a massive transition like never before. Therefore, hospitals are resorting to developing new paradigms alongside remaining in business because of foreseeable future. Intermittently, most healthcare organizations have delved into changing their regulations and increasing patient safety, concerns and care. Consequently, it has become increasingly important to employ highly qualified individuals sufficiently trained for the job. As such, Rick Shinto is one individual who fits the leadership structure described above.


Introducing Rick Shinto

Richard Shinto is the current president and CEO of InnovaCare Health Solutions. Besides, he is the MMM Healthcare Inc chief executive officer. However, before assuming these roles, he served at Aveta Inc where he was the head of every medical department. Moreover, Shinto was trusted to serve as the president of PMC Medicare where he oversaw the implementation of new healthcare models to support low income earning families. With more than twenty years experience in healthcare, Rick Shinto dedicated most of his time to making healthcare more accessible to patients. Therefore, he extended his services to NAMM in California where he served as the chief executive officer as well.


More Experience and Expertise

From NAMM, Shinto joined Cal Optima Health Plan as a chief medical officer. While there, he fostered healthy client-employee relationships and introduced viable health policies for patients. Besides his career, he is an academic giant. For starters, he first practiced medicine in Southern California where he was employed as an internist. What’s more, he served as a pulmonologist. Perhaps that sums up his career and experience. Nevertheless, Shinto is admired for his input at InnovaCare Health as he is now in charge of the overall management.


Exemplary Leadership

Over and above, Rick Shinto has often held senior leadership positions. Therefore, while working in the mentioned companies, he increased the visibility of the firms in the healthcare industry. Moreover, he worked on improving the quality of working environment and conditions. For that reason, employees enjoyed their work alongside dispensing quality services to patients.

For education, Shinto pursued a degree in medicine from the University of California. Besides, he attended Stony Brook School of Medicine.


The General Observation

Healthcare executive leadership is now a global directive. Consequently ,there are a growing number of chances for leadership opportunities. Therefore, organizations need to be careful with their planning efforts even as they recruit new healthcare leaders. Just like in the case of Rick Shinto, healthcare organizations need to employ experienced healthcare professionals.