Rocketship Education Has Earned Recognition For Their Impact On Student Learning Around The Country

One of the fastest growing educational networks in the country today is Rocketship Education charter schools. Since first starting up in 2006, Rocketship Education has been churning out new schools in their own network in various cities around the country and they have plans to continue expanding over the next few years.

One of the greatest aspects of Rocketship Education schools if the fact that they are not limited to any specific students. Regardless of a families income or their nationalities, they have equal opportunity for learning at Rocketship schools. This is the kind of thing students and schooling environments have needed for decades, rather than limiting higher-learning to well-to-do families that have the money to afford private or ivy-league schools. Currently, Rocketship Education charter schools are focused on the elementary grades, ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade, since these students are the most impressionable and need the best education they can get for their futures.

As of now, funding has been good for Rocketship Education thanks to various donors and sponsors that have seen the good in what they are doing and want to see them expand further. Not only do Rocketship charter schools provide students with the standard education they would receive at any public school, but they also have individual learning opportunities for students to aid in their learning. Tutors help each student with specific areas of the curriculum to help every student excel and never fall behind.

One of the biggest impacts of Rocketship Education is getting parents involved with their child’s schooling, which goes a long way in taking the learning experience home. Most parents claim to not have the time to participate in their child’s school or simply do not know how to effectively engage or help their child learn. With the help of Rocketship Educations tutors, technology, and advanced curriculum, parents are given all the tools they need to help engage their children for a greater learning experience.