Securus Technologies – Crime Prevention

Presently, the influx in inmate use of cell phones is posing a challenge in trying to trace the origin or destination of the call. Due to their mobility, mobile phones are preferred by inmates to conduct illegal exchanges, escapes, conspire to alter evidence and bring in contrabands to prison facilities. Securus Technologies provides you with an alternate solution in using technology to combat crime.


Securus Technologies is an American for-profit prison technology company that offers Location Based Services. The company is best known for providing crime-prevention techniques and giving you a safe environment around incarceration sites. The company serves correctional facilities amounting to approximately 2,600 facilities in 45 states.


Securus gives you solution to this with its Secure Call Platform that includes support for LBS. Location Based Services operate on the effect of tracing the caller through the cellular provider after the called party accepts the call.


Customers sampling the company’s technology were able to give remarks on the product and how useful it has been.


One customer stated that the technology has helped the authorities obtain a search warrant for corrupt officials who were in liaison with inmates to bring in contraband. Another correctional facility praised the company for ‘revolutionizing the incarceration environment’ and playing a part in improving public safety.


In case you were wondering if you can listen in on calls, yes, it is possible. One of the customers reported on listening on a conversation between two inmates and the mother on the outside. One of the siblings was directing the other on what to say when summoned in court.


The Sherriff’s Department has also commended the LBS software which they use in conjunction with law enforcement resources. The software has helped them regain millions in contrabands, illegal assets, and cash.


You can also combine the LBS software with other investigative software to achieve remarkable results. A customer reported on using Investigator Pro in conjunction with Securus, which then renders Securus the highest ranking jail phone provider in the market. The technology has been put to use to conduct investigations surrounding complaints of harassment and security threats to the community or facility.


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