Securus Technologies Reputed Correctional Firm With Over Three Decades of Operating Experience

Prisons are quite a difficult place to manage and run as they contain the inmates who have carried out horrendous crimes and are a threat to the society. Often, being held does not stop the inmates from carrying out illegal activities from inside the prison itself. Sometimes, dangerous and illicit goods such as phones, tools, drugs, and others are smuggled inside in different ways that result in increased violence and creates issues of discipline. With time, more threats are added to the list, and the latest is the use of drones. They can breach the prison premises without being detected and even after tightened security on the grounds. The best drones in the market can easily carry goods to up to 30 pounds meaning that they can bring in prohibited items inside the prison quite effortlessly.


Securus Technologies has been developing a new drone detection technology and is already testing it for its effectiveness. The new system scans the perimeter of the prison for signs of drones or radio controllers. When any drone is detected, it will send a message to the operator after which the location of the drone can be pinpointed. The drone’s movement can be then tracked, and proper intervention can be planned for the same. The new drone detection technology by Securus Technologies is proving to be quite a success as the drones would be of no use to the criminals in supply contraband items inside the prison. There are many different types of drones available in the market today, the ones that can carry a considerable amount of weight and the ones that are fast and are used for surveillance purposes.


Unfortunately, the criminals are using drones to send the contraband items inside the prison. Many different types of advanced drones are being used by the criminals these days, and at times, these drones can fly into the prison’s perimeter without being detected. It is a cause of concern for the correctional officers as it is how there has been an increase in the influx of contraband phones, weapons, and drugs in the correctional facilities. Securus Technologies is a company that doesn’t compromise on customers’ satisfaction and has very attentive and brisk customer service. The research center of the company is based out of Dallas, TX, and is open to customers and investors to check out which new technology the company is working on.


Securus Technologies has recently won a bunch of awards, including three Gold Stevie Awards for the best after sale and customer service. It has helped the company make a name for itself and win the trust of its customers. More and more correctional facilities have showcased their wish to make Securus Technologies their preferred partner.