The Current Quarter Average Revenue Estimate For Banco Bradesco Is $8.28 Million According To CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Banco Bradesco is coming out of the worst recession in more than 90 years, and the bank is stronger than ever. Bradesco’s stock value will grow by more than 13 percent over the next five years, and according to some bank analysts, the bank will post more than $24 billion in revenue for the year. Bradesco’s stock is on fire this year. According to some reports, the bank’s market capitalization is $70.65 billion. The stock hit a 52-week high of $11.86 a share, but the current stock price is hovering around $10.85 a share.

The average 52-week low is $7.15, so Wall Street is pushing Bradesco stock thanks to the bank’s strong buy position. There are several reasons Bradesco is one of the darlings of stock traders around the world, but the one reason that stands out is the bank’s management team. Bradesco CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a successful banker who knows how to manage and make money even when his country is sitting in a recessionary hole.

CEO Luíz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is not the type of bank executive that sits around waiting for things to happen. Trabuco Cappi management style and his energy are addictive, according to some members of the bank’s executive team. Trabuco Cappi is not an accountant, but he understands the principles of accounting. And he’s not a financial expert, but his innate fiscal responsibility carries him through the endless challenges that are part of a bank president’s life. Mr. Trabuco Cappi has a degree in philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo, and his post-graduate work in psychology comes in handy when he is out in the field interacting with bank employees. Bradesco has more than 5,000 local bank branches and thousands of ATMs and service center in Brazil. He believes in, and depends on, technology advancements, especially when it comes to understanding the buying and savings habits of the bank’s client base.

Brazilians are all about mobile devices and mobile banking services. Incorporating the HSBC’s Brazilian operations into the Bradesco business model wasn’t easy, but thanks to the bank’s computer system and Trabuco Cappi’s management team, HSBC branches are Bradesco branches now. The management team is pushing for new data-based upgrades, so Bradesco can manage more assets without spending a lot of time studying the pros and cons of each asset under management.

The sixty-six-year-old CEO of Bradesco is a banker, but he is also an environmentalist who promotes global climate change initiatives as well as internal projects that help Brazil be the largest, and the most responsible nation in Latin America. Education is a Trabuco Cappi priority, and client protection is high on that list as well. Trabuco Cappi is well-respected in the banking industry because of his work ethic, and his ability to treat clients and employees fairly.

Mr. Trabuco is only the fourth president in Bradesco’s history. The bank is picky when it comes to finding bankers who care about people, and Trabuco Cappi and his executive team make sure that caring factor is part of the standard operating procedures in every Bradesco branch.

Even though Bradesco is not as big as Itaú Unibanco, in terms of assets under management, the bank has the support of millions of Brazilians. The special dividend that Bradesco is giving shareholders in October shows the bank’s momentum, and its ability to give Itaú a run for the money. The future of banking is all about keeping up with technology. Bradesco is not wasting any time implementing new techno-products that will make banking easier for their clients.

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