The Successful Career Of Brian Bonar

The achievement that Brian Bonar has managed to attain in his life is reflected in his educational background and experience. Having worked with numerous companies in the past three decades, he has continued to establish a foundation in his career that enables him to improve on the financial skills that are deeply vested in him.Brian Bonar has a solid educational background. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, which he obtained from the University of Strathclyde. However, his desire for entrepreneurship is what led him to pursue Masters in business administration. Also, he has a Ph.D. in International Business Studies, which he got from the University of Stanford, England. Since he has a perfect educational background, Brian Bonar has engaged in various business ventures that have ended up becoming very successful.

Brian Bonar skills lie in the ability to come up with marketing strategies that are unique. His style has enabled many firms to attract quite a huge number of clients, who in the end lead to an increase in financial gains. He has handled various business related issues for organizations ranging from corporation mergers, creation of new businesses, and venture capital development.Brian Bonar’s experience is what has helped him to continuously build on his skills in the field of business. Currently, he works at Trucept where he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. The organization offers its clients with insurance services and it interviews employees on behalf of other companies.

Brian Bonar has also worked at Dalrada Financial Group in the capacity of a CEO and chairman. His presence at the organization ensured a spike in the overall sales of the organization. He achieved this by coming up with new strategies that are useful in the current business market, and this proved to be very responsive. His success while working at Dalrada did not go unnoticed, as it made him to be granted the Who’s Who Award, which is usually meant to recognize the efforts of financial managers, who have performed exemplary in their areas of specialty. Some of the virtues examined in the process of considering those who are eligible for the award include the quality of leadership skills, a person’s professional achievement, and their academic qualifications.Among other notable companies in which Brian Bonar has worked at include IBM. In fact, IBM is where he started his career as a procurement manager. While working there, he was responsible for obtaining motherboards for the organization. Later, Brian left IBM and joined QMS as the director in the Engineering department. He decided to take another challenge in life by choosing to work for Adaptec, and then he later ventured into business on his own. He started Bezier Systems which is a company that is specializes in the development of printers. You can also visit his Facebook profile :