The successful career path of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian thinks that for the wilderness it has so many things to offer that’s what makes him a visionary he believes that through nature there will be the recreation, inspiration and athletic pursuit. That’s why the wilderness areas will not only be described using one word because only one word will not be enough to represent the diversity that will be received from the wilderness, that is the reason why the Hebrews came up with three words to explain the variety of the desert. Ara Chackerian has come up with techniques that will be used in the preserving measures that will still offer the chances to the people that will need the harvest so that to survive. That’s what makes the wilderness one precious resources that will benefit the people, and they should use all means necessary to take care of the funds.

For Ara Chackerian he offers his services as an entrepreneur, angel investor, and a philanthropist too. At the ASC capital holding, he is the managing partner, and the goal is that at an early age they should invest in the healthcare companies. He is the co-founder and one of the members of the board in the TMS Health. The idea of starting the company started when Ara and a friend that will be long-term business partner used the experience that they had. With that, they built the outpatient diagnostic and still found out that TMS had the opportunities of getting the psychiatric care that is of the third pillar. You can check out their facebook page for more info.



Before him paying all the attention that he had on TMS Health solution, the career path of Ara has always been going around in the investment and entrepreneurship. He is dedicated to the board member of different companies that deal with healthcare sector in San Francisco. He believes so much in taking care of the environment, and that is the reason why he is invested in the Limonapa, SA. The more someone will engage in life the more experiences they will gain, with that even the ideas will come on their own. In any situation, Ara will stay calm so that to get the needed solution.

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