Todd Lubar’s Success In The Real Estate Industry

Baltimore area is one of the regions that heavily suffered the real estate crisis of 2008. However, the industry has started to show signs of improvement with bank-arbitrated sales dropping by 7 percent since 2015. Notably, the prices of homes in Baltimore’ metro region have increased. The state of Maryland made significant contributions in softening the effects of the crisis in the industry by modifying its real estate rules. With the new customer-friendly regulations, the state has registered a slower pace of foreclosures compared to other regions. Improvement in distressed housing market sector resulted in a 6 percent increase in the median sales price of homes in Baltimore area and other five surrounding counties. The median price rose to unprecedented $243,000. For more details, see:

He is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. His distinguished career started in 1995, immediately after his graduation from Syracuse University. Driven by a deep desire to help others and a passion for real estate and finance, Todd was sure that working in the field would fulfill his desires. He undertook his first job in the real estate industry by working for Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a trusted loan originator. In addition, he gained extensive experience in conservative mortgage banking. He used the platform to establish strong cordial relationships with real estate agents, insurance agents, CPAs and financial planners who are now sources of referrals to his business. Four years later, Todd Lubar secured an equity position in the renowned Legacy Financial Group. By virtue of brokering loans to outside investors and lending directly as a mortgage bank, Todd was able to gain broad experience in the financial industry, which can be found on his linkedin account.

With a wide knowledge in the real estate and financial industries, Todd established his first corporation, Legendary Properties LLC. Through this establishment, Todd interacted with highly professional individuals, who are experienced in developing quality products. He established good relations with major banking institutions that offered him lines of credits of up to $20 million. In 2003, Lubar founded Charter Funding, a subsidiary of the successful First Magnus Financial. With over a decade in the industry, Todd has a wealth of experience in the real estate market and consumer behavior. Later, he established Legendary Financial LLC to serve many clients, who do not qualify for loans from traditional lenders. Moreover, Todd managed a scrap metal recycling business and demolition enterprises.

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  1. As the real estate crisis continues to reverberate in the Baltimore region, Todd Lubar, a regional real estate professional, has not shown any signs of giving up his quest in the industry. It is also good that has managed to make these things superficial and that is a way most people have been looking for.

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