Troy McQuagge Leads an Excellent Career in Insurance Sales

Troy McQuagge is an innovator, a leader and a businessman who hails from Panama City, Florida. He attended the University of Central Florida for his undergraduate studies and graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Legal Studies and read full article.

Allstate Insurance Company was his first place of work in 1983. Twelve years later he joined the UICI, the Insurance division of students for the United Insurance Companies and he became the President of UICI’s insurance agency, UGA in 1997. In 2006 , the firm was sold to a private investor upon which it changed its name to USHealth Group. Markets with Troy being in the sales and marketing department as the head. In 2007, he became its president upon which records indicate that the company made extremely high sales exceeding $1 billion sales volume.

One of the top insurance holding companies that goes by the name USHEALTH Group and whose headquarters are based in Fort Worth, Texas has felt Mr.Troy’s touch. In 2010, he was hired in its sales subsidiary, US HEALTH Advisors as the president and CEO. Over time he has built his way up and currently, he is the President and CEO of the entire USHEALTH Group, a position he has held since 2014. All thanks to him because since he started working with the company, it has recorded very high sales volumes with its size growing ten times more and its share price increasing over 1000% in the past four consecutive years and what Troy knows.

Troy McQuagge’s exemplary life and great skills could make him the gold medallist in the Annual CEO Awards where he was named the most innovative CEO of the year, 2016. This meant that Troy holds a high degree of leadership, innovation, product appraisal and many other features of a CEO world widely, although he associates his achievement with USHEALTH Group Company and its employees.

McQuagge has been in the insurance sales for more than three decades now and has served in several subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group. I can bet the group is not ready to lose him and he is one valuable asset of the company and Troy’s lacrosse camp.

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