U.S. Money Reserve Wins Four Awards At 20th Annual Videographer Awards For Creative Work

The United States Money Reserve has won four awards from the 2016 Awards for the best Videographer. The company has shown the world its creative and professional production work. For this reason, these awards demonstrate the high-end technology and content used in their television infomercial.


For most, the United States Money Reserve won two awards in the category of Excellence I Television Creative Cinematography and Television Commercial Product. This infomercial was aired on television under the “Testimonial Show.” They also depict the statements from a loyal customer of the United States Money Reserve. The infomercial also included the gold buyer Richard Pretty and NASCAR driver.


The Excellence Award is one of the top awards given to projects that are produced, written, shot, and edited in the United States. When the company wins two of these top prizes, it means that their self-esteem is going up. They are dedicated towards the development of powerful productions in the country. As a matter of fact, they are the best issuers of the state-issued gold and metal bullion. These awards also show their credibility in business. As much as they work to produce high-end solutions in television, they never forget their main activity to issue gold and silver.


The Members of the Marketing Association of Communication Professionals and the judges are all looking for the highest standards of excellence. They are looking for companies like the United States Money Reserve whose services serve as the benchmark in the industry. For this reason, they found out that United States Money Reserve is one of the best producers of infomercials in the country. The 2016 Awards received more than 2,000 entries. For all those entries, none of them satisfied their eyes as much as the United States Money Reserve infomercial.


This past month has seen the United States Money Reserve win a hunk of bronze in the Telly Awards where the President and CEO were named “Philip N. Diehl.”


The Videographer Awards are judged and administered by the Association of Communication and Marketing Professionals. This is an international company that comprises of various communications, marketing, public relations, advertising, and media productions who enter their annual program.


The United States Money Reserve was founded in 2001 as an alternative source of money liquidation.

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