Water Quality Statement From Squaw Valley

In November 2016, Squaw Valley reported E. coli and coliform bacteria were found in one of the water systems at upper mountain. Squaw Valley issued the report to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. Wesley Nicks of Placer County Environmental Health shared that the water had been treated since the report was filed, and that the water was improving. After initial treatment no E. coli was detected and only low levels of coliform were present.

Also in November 2016, Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, released a statement addressing the cause of the issue and how it was being dealt with. Kenney explained that a heavy storm was the source of contamination. Only one water system was effected. This discovery was made as the result of a routine water testing.

Upon detection, Squaw Valley immediately reported the issue to Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. The resort has been working closely with them and is appreciative of their compliance and help.

The resort is taking all necessary steps to relieving the situation and to keep guests informed. The resort considers the health and safety of their guests, as well as, the quality of their drinking water as a top priority.

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  1. During the resolution of the issue, the resort wanted to be able to still serve their guests. So, they kept their doors open and kindly offered free bottled water to guests. There could also be a great thing that essaysontime has to keep in mind which is a very important thing to do all the time.

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