Why Ricardo Tosto remains to be one of the best lawyers in Brazil

The general state of lawyers in Brazil

Practicing law in Brazil has become one of the most difficult things. The country has established several measures to ensure that there are high-quality lawyers in the country. Practicing law has been limited by the strict measures that are put in the country. Currently, Brazil issued a decree that saw all the foreign firms getting closed. These firms were closed based on the new measures and requirements of being a lawyer in the country or even owning a law firm. The closure of the law firms led to a drastic reduction in the number of lawyers in the country. There are hardly more than one million lawyers remaining. With this population, the quality of representation in the courts has reduced. People cannot with safety win court cases as the number of lawyers is insignificant compared to the overall population. With this difficulty, there are still competent lawyers, and one of these lawyers is Ricardo Tosto and read full article.


The distinction of Ricardo Tosto

Being a good lawyer in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto has gained a lot of popularity in the country and the entire world. The fact that Ricardo Tosto focuses on commercial law has given him an opportunity to represent a variety of companies. His streak of winning cases has increased his recognition in the field of law. With his performance, Ricardo Tosto has won a variety of awards. His first Award was the legal 500 where he emerged the best lawyer in the entire country. Later in 2015, Ricardo Tosto also won the Analise 500 award which was given based on his excellence in representing companies on management issues. With the harsh law environment in the country, Ricardo Tosto is one of the few lawyers who has managed to succeed and learn more about Ricardo.


Education and work experience

Having completed his undergraduate degree at Mackenzie University, Ricardo Tosto took a post graduate degree in Business Administration. He developed an interest in representing firms while on the campus. With a knowledge of the law, Ricardo Tosto went ahead to understand how finances operate, business administration as well as the human resource. His education and experience have earned him a lot of respect in the field of law and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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